Deon van Schalkwyk

Deon van Schalkwyk

FoodJam is my personal recipe blog. I started my blog a few years ago when someone suggested that I share my love of cooking with the world. So I decided to go ahead and do it. I grew up in Zimbabwe and I like to travel around Europe, so there will be a lot of Mediterranean/European influences and some favourite African inspired dishes, which I remember from my childhood.

The principle aim of this site is to bring you recipes which I have created, recipes which I have tested from cookbooks, recipes which have been give to me by friends, or recipes which have been passed down to me by my mum or other family. Basically, it is all about the recipes. If you have something you would like me to test/cook for you, then please contact me using the contact details on the side.

I will also do reviews of restaurants that I go and eat at. If I am asked to review the place and so don’t pay for it, I will be clear in the post. Likewise if someone sends me something to review or try out, then again, I will be clear. You can be assured that all opinions will be my own.

If you are a company or a PR firm and would like to work with me, I too would like to work with you. Please contact me on my email address and lets talk.

So now that you have got to know me, why not take a look around and be inspired to create something delicious from the site. Remember, if you like something, then please do let me know by commenting. If you are unsure of something in a recipe then please contact me or leave a message on the blog.

To ensure that you get regular updates, make sure that you are subscribed and every time I do a new post you will get an email letting you know that there is a new post.

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