Cakes by Robin are a cake shop in Wimbledon, London, UK, who make cakes professionally. If you take a look at their website – which you can find here, you will see that they make cakes for all occasions. Cakes by Robin is owned by Robin Green who is a professional cake designer, specialising in cakes for all events. So if you want a cake, then Cakes for Robin is your place.

Cakes for Robin

Cakes by Robin, the lovely packaging that it came in.

Lynn Hill, who has set up the Clandestine Cake Club and often gets approached to review certain items, asked if anyone would like to review a cake by Cakes by Robin, naturally being a fan of cake, i put my name forward and Lynn then approached them and they agreed to send me a cake.

Cakes by Robin

Cakes by Robin – a gorgeous chocolate cake.

The above cake duly turned up on Thursday and all I can say is that it was delicious. One of the best, if not the best chocolate cake I’ve had. Seriously, I want to be able to make a chocolate cake like this. That is my aim.

Chocolate Cake

A large slice of chocolate goodness

The first thing I smelt when I lifted the lid of the cake box was that awesome chocolate smell. You got hit with chocolate goodness, so much so that I had to be patient until after I had had dinner to have a slice. Was the wait worth it? Totally, it was moist and chocolatey and totally awesomely delicious. the mix of dark and milk chocolate was perfect. The buttercream icing on the outside and in-between was the perfect depth and so smooth. Everything was good. So delicious.

Cakes by Robin - inside shot

Look at the crumb – so good.

As you can see from the inside, it was very moist and the crumb was perfect. Really, there is nothing more to say about this cake, except, if you are ever wanting a cake, do not hesitate, just go and get one from Cakes for Robin. Seriously, if I ever wanted to buy a cake and yes, I would consider it, then that is the place I would go. So thanks Cakes by Robin, for sending me a delicious cake (sometimes it really is a hard life).

You can read my other review on the Clandestine Cake Club site here.

So what are you waiting for? Best you be getting out to get that cake.

See you soon with a recipe (I promise!).