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Spicy Chicken Livers

Hello and welcome to a brand new week. Time certainly does fly doesn’t it. Soon it will be the weekend again! Anyway, this is a really nice cheap dish which we often make if we are feeling lazy or like something a bit different as it is also really easy to make. I love chicken liver paté and Read more

Spicy Chicken Wings

I first saw this recipe on Facebook where someone I follow had posted it and I thought, mmm, I haven’t had chicken wings for a while and these look super tasty. One of the ingredients are slightly obscure but I do think you can easily get it from your local Chinese store, it’s also worth Read more

Sweet and Sour Pork

As mentioned in my previous post earlier today, it is Chinese New Year, or in fact was on Friday, so I am a bit late to the party, but I still thought that I would post up some recipes, so at least next year I will be ready! I love Chinese food (in fact I love most food, who doesn’t?!) but Read more

Fiesta Nasi Goreng

A few months ago a friend, Jacqueline came over and said that she would cook us an Indonesian dinner, as she only lived across the hall, she prepared it all in her apartment and then brought it over. It was so delicious that I asked her to please teach me how to make it and even better would she mind Read more

Smoked Cheese and Chilli Bread

So this month’s Cheese of the Month challenge was to use Smoked Cheese, I had never had or used smoked cheese before, so was a bit unsure, especially when my husband said he disliked smoked cheese! However for the purposes of the challenge and to give it a try cooked, he was more than happy Read more

Mussels Saganaki

So by now you should all now how much I love Greek food. Quite a lot of my day to day cooking incorporates Greek flavours or elements, such as slow roasting a big bunch of mixed vegetables in olive oil and oregano, or prawn cocktail with ouzo (divine by the way and I may just share that recipe with Read more

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