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Swedish Almond Cake

Swedish Almond Cake, this cake is adapted from Rachel Allen’s book Cake, which if you don’t have yet, you should consider getting as it is really an excellent cake bible and all of the recipes are easy to make. Yes, there are some complicated recipes in there but aren’t there in Read more

Madeira Cake

Madeira Cake, this cake has been sitting in my photos since the Great British Bake Off, I had fully intended to get around to blogging it whilst it was on, but just never found the time, That does seem to be a problem at the moment, time. Don’t you wish you could sometimes stop time or take Read more

Apple Loaf Cake

Apple Loaf Cake. Fall/Autumn is approaching and that means that there is an abundance of apples and other such fruit. Autumn is a wonderful time of year, almost like spring but different, on the one hand the trees start to change colours and get orange leaves and then the leaves start to drop off Read more

Day out a BBC Good Food Show & a Giveaway


It’s been a while and for that, I am sorry, sometimes life just gets in the way and leaves you no energy to do anything else, which is a bit annoying. Still, I am here and I haven’t forgotten you. I do have a raft of recipes which I need to get typed up, so stay tuned.

Now however, Read more

Salmon with Miso Soup

Salmon with Miso Soup, yes, I know it’s not yet Autumn or winter for that matter, but the weather of the last few days has been quite horrendous. Lots of rain and really quite cold, admittedly we did get a really lovely day of Saturday, but less of those more of the rain makes for wanting a Read more

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Sprinkles #BundtBakers

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Sprinkles for BundtBakers. I have been a member of BundtBakers for a while now and never before got organised enough to have a post typed up and ready to go in time for each months different theme.

This chocolate walnut cake is a cake for when you are craving chocolate, there Read more

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