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Pimms Bundt Cake

Pimms Bundt Cake, Pimms is a quintessentially British Drink and is normally drunk in the summer, it is essentially a spirit and you add some cucumber, lemonade, orange, strawberries, lemon and mint, it is all mixed into a large jug then drunk with friends or if you are greedy, by yourself.

This Pimms Read more

Barbecued King Prawns

Barbecued King Prawns. So the other day my husband finally convinced me that we should get a barbecue for our little balcony on our first floor flat. I have been resisting for a while, although now, I am asking myself, why. Why have I been resisting for so long? The answer is, I have no idea really, Read more

Milk Tart

Milk Tart, I have been meaning to put this recipe on my blog for a long long time now, but overtime I make it, it always gets eaten so fast that I never get a chance to take photos. Milk Tart is a typically South African desert and is eaten all the time, everytime I go home to visit, I always either Read more

Bacon Banana Bread

Bacon Banana Bread, now there is a thing. The other day I was walking home from work and it was a Thursday evening and I knew that I had all these bananas in the freezer (if you freeze your bananas when they get almost brown, then you can use them when you are ready by simply defrosting them).

It was Read more

Mackerel Fish Balls

Mackerel Fish Balls, this recipe came about because my hubby was at work one day and one of the ladies who worked there had made these Mackerel Fish Balls to bring in for her birthday cake (basically when you have a birthday at my hubby’s place, you either bring some cakes in or something similar Read more

Springtime Quiche

Springtime Quiche, or in fact in time Quiche. How you doing? If you are are in the UK how are you enjoying spring? The weather of late has been a bit topsy turvy to be honest, rain, then sunshine, then massive thunderstorms, then sunshine, ah, the joys of living in the UK when you are used to glorious Read more

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