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Mackerel Fish Cakes

Mackerel Fish Cakes, so simple and yet so good for you. I love mackerel and every year I say I should eat it more often, but somehow it just slips down the list of things to make. So when we went to Costco recently they had mackerel on special, so we bought a big bag of mackerel, so we definitely Read more

Feta, Egg, CherryTomato Bake

Feta, Egg and Cherry Tomato Bake. This dish is something which my aunt Annie cooked for myself and my husband when we went to visit her and her husband for a weekend. She is an amazing cook and is one of those cooks who when faced with a whole selection of ingredients just chooses some at random and Read more

Slow roasted, herb crusted leg of mutton

Slow roasted, herb crusted leg of mutton. This is a wonderful dinner to make for a dinner party or a Saturday or Sunday lunch. The mutton is slow roasted for 4 and 1/2 hours in an oven so it literally just falls off the bone.

The mutton is meltingly tender and the gravy which it makes with the juices Read more

Slow cooked pulled gammon

Slow cooked pulled gammon. Who said gammon was just for Christmas or after Christmas? I do think that there is a perception that certain foods should be eaten at certain times of the year and they should never meet in the middle. My honest option is if gammon is available in June, then why shouldn’t Read more

The History Behind the British Sunday Roast

Happy Sunday, in the UK it is a bank holiday tomorrow, which is awesome. I was recently approached by someone who asked if I do guest posts, if the post is a good fit, then yes, I will post it onto the site, if not, then no, so when James approached me, I asked him to send it to me so that i could Read more

Pear upside down cake

Pear upside down cake, to be honest, I have never been the worlds biggest fan of pears and always been of the opinion that if I could take them or leave them, I would leave them. However the other day, I had a large amount of pears for juicing and then broke my juicer, so until I got a new one I didn’t Read more

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