After the BBC Good Food Show, we’re feeling rather excited about celebrating great British cuisine. It’s rather sad to think that British food is stereotyped as bad, when the truth is that there are some really delicious, really great British foods out there, and if you want to explore and find it all for yourself, a game of British Food Bingo might be the answer!

Bingo is something that has evolved to become inherently British as well, as the UK was the place where the game saw the greatest renewed interest after its heyday in the 60s. Both online and offline bingo halls have become quite popular in the UK. While classic British shows such as Coronation Street have been teaming up with Gala Bingo to bring both bingo and entertainment to fans, the government has been hard at work revitalising land-based bingo halls, cutting taxes of bingo halls by half last year, as reported by the BBC. Now, you can use the classic game of bingo to rediscover some great British eats as well.

To play British Food Bingo, all you really need to do is print out this card, made with the help of a list of “Classic British Dishes” from Buzzfeed:

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Slowly go through the food items on your card, enjoying the diversity offered by British cuisine. Some of the items on the card might come as a surprise to you, such as Chicken Tikka – did you know it was actually invented in Glasgow? Other items, such as the classic Fish and Chips, you’re sure to have tried before, and the challenge then comes in finding the most delicious Fish and Chips in your city. Once you’ve sampled all of the dishes, you can then try to recreate them in your own kitchen! Explore Food Jam and see if there are any recipes for great British food that interest you!