Today, I am bringing you another post by Sam about good ways to boost your immune system during the flu season.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, goes the old saying. Well, not exactly. In order to successfully fight off the flu, you will need a lot more than an apple. You should eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but in order to boost your immune system and stay healthy, you should also rely on power foods to help you win this fight.


Any herb tea can help boost your immune system. However, green and black teas are some of the best kinds that can give you the necessary strength. They are filled with amino acid and L-theanine which are responsible for immune boosts. The optimal daily dose is several cups, and you should acquire this habit as soon as possible if you wish to be flu-resistant. Also, in order to get more antioxidants from the tea bags, you should bob them up and down while brewing.

Power foods

Herbal Tea to help boost your immune system,


Even though people restrain from eating garlic because of its smell, this member of the onion family should be your number one aid against the flu. It contains allicin, an active ingredient that fights infections and bacteria. If you eat garlic regularly and mix it with your daily meals, you are two-thirds less likely to catch a cold. So, the optimal daily dose should be two raw cloves crushed into any of your meals.

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon and Garlic have a good history of helping colds


All vitamins are essential if you wish to stay healthy. However, the most important ones are vitamins C, D and glutamine. Vitamin C will help you fight off any signs of catching a cold, such as a sore throat, excessive mucous or that overall run-down feeling. Vitamin D is also essential, because it supports our immune systems, it has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial effects. As far as glutamine is concerned, it is an essential amino acid that will help you boost your immune system and recover your muscles quickly. All these can be found in power foods such as fruit, veggies and meat, but you can opt for a mix of these vitamins in Herbs of Gold nutrition supplements. A few of these a day will prevent the flu and your immune system will always be strong. Taking them is especially advisable during the height of the flu season, when most people you come into contact with are carriers of the virus.

Chicken Soup

Usually, people with the flu opt for having chicken soup and they do it for a reason. A hot bowl of chicken soup has been proven to block the migration of inflammatory white cells. During cooking, the chicken releases cysteine, an amino acid, which chemically resembles a drug for bronchitis treatment, acetylcysteine. For even more of a boost, you should add veggies to the broth, such as garlic and onions, and your immune system will be protected. So, prepare a soup once or twice a week or eat it regularly if you wish to recover from a persistent flu.

Power foods

Soup can be good for the soul


Many people around the world turn to mushrooms to help boost their immune system. The reason for this is that mushrooms increase the production of white blood cells and make them more aggressive. This is essential if you have an infection, but it can also prevent an infection from entering your body. The best mushrooms for a healthy immune system are shiitake, maitake and reishi, because they are packed with an immunity punch. You can add them to your pasta sauce, eggs or even to your pizza and have a delicious, healthy, protective meal.

Power Foods

Mushrooms are good way to boost your immune system

Fermented Foods

Boosting your immunity is a serious commitment and you should add fermented foods to your nutrition to take things to a whole new level. One of the healthiest fermented foods is kefir, which is an enzyme-rich food, filled with friendly microorganisms that will balance your immune system and strengthen it. Besides kefir, you can include natto, miso, tempeh, pickles, yogurt and olives to your nutrition and protect your body with powerful friendly bacteria.

No matter how fast or slow your lifestyle is, you should make time to incorporate these power-foods into your nutrition. Keep in mind that antioxidants, vitamins and friendly microorganisms are essential for fighting off any type of virus or infection, and that they will make your immune system impenetrable.



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