So a while ago I was looking through various fellow blog posts on the internet and I came across courgette noodles, I was intrigued as I had heard of these but was unsure how to make them, so some further investigation followed and I discovered that there are numerous ways to Julienne and there are various different types of machines to use. My mother who lives in Australia bought and tried the hand held julienne item, but deemed it not fit for purpose, so we decided to order the Spirelli which is really quite simply to use and it works really well for courgettes. I haven’t tried it out on carrots yet, but will give it a go at some point. In fairness, it is quite limiting, but I think it works perfectly for courgette noodles. I bought mine off this website here, you can buy them on Amazon, but I found the cost was significantly cheaper elsewhere. If you don’t have a spirelli, then just use normal pasta or rice, or you can slice the courgette really thinly. This is a great simple easy to make weekday supper and is a firm favourite in our house. What I will say is that the Spirelli is a great addition to any kitchen and I can’t believe I took so long to get one.



Prawn Stir Fry with Courgette Noodles

This is a great simple easy to make weekday supper and is a firm favourite in our house.

  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 2 People 1x


  • 2 large courgettes or Zucchini
  • 20 large king prawns, I used frozen peeled raw prawns, but you can use fresh if you like
  • 1 Onion diced
  • 20 g chorizo sliced
  • 2 tsp of my peri peri sauce (if you don’t have any use an alternative or about 4 fresh chillies)
  • 1 tsp groundnut oil


  • 1 Spirelli Spiral Cutter


  1. The first thing you need to do is prepare your vegetables, so to turn the courgette into noodles, simply cut off the end of the courgette and put it into the Spirelli, then turn it and out comes the noodles. Really is quite amazing. Peel and dice your onion, and slice your chorizo, ensure that the prawns are defrosted and dried off. A note on the courgette, you will reach a certain point at which you can’t grate it anymore, I simply remove it and then finely slice it and add it to the mixture as well so that there is no waste.
  2. Put a pan on the hob, heat it up, then add the chorizo slices and cook until the oil from the chorizo starts to run out, then add the onion and cook for about 4 minutes until starting to brown.
  3. Add the prawns, the groundnut oil if needed (you may not need it due to the amount of oil from the Chorizo) and cook until turning nice and pink, add the 2 teaspoons of peri peri sauce or chillies, give it a good stir around to fully incorporate the peri peri with the prawns and chorizo.
  4. Add the courgette noodles and cook for about 3 minutes stirring frequently to ensure that the courgette noodles get coated in the the chorizo oil and peri peri mixture. You don’t want to cook it for longer than 3 minutes as the courgette will start to fall apart and get all mushy, you want it to stay together.
  5. Once ready, simply dish up and eat and enjoy.


I am entering this into Javelin Warrior’s challenge Made with Love Mondays as everything is made from scratch and this is a super simple tasty dish.


I hope you enjoy this nice simply tasty weeknight dinner and I will see you soon with more yummy goodness.