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Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs. A riff on normal Scotch eggs, but just as delicious. I am not the worlds biggest fan of black pudding and when I eat it, it needs to be good quality as it can be too dry.

Scotch eggs are a very English thing and you will find them in most supermarkets and yes, confession Read more

Top Reasons to Appreciate Chinese Cuisine

Kung Po Chicken

Today I will be bringing you another guest post by Audrey Zhao who I hope will be contributing a few posts over the next few months. Today she breaks down what makes Chinese food so appealing. We all love Chinese food right? So here you can find out what it is that makes it popular to people all over Read more

Eating on the Go

Food on the go

Hello. Today, I am bringing you another guest post, entitled “Eating on the Go” by Samantha. I do hope you enjoy the post.

Eating properly is a must, but what if you just cannot seem to do it? The tempo of modern life urges us to constantly be on the move and there is no way we can find Read more

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast ideas

Today I am bringing you a guest post by Samantha entitled Healthy Breakfast Ideas,  you will remember from her previous post “Preparing Healthy Meals doesn’t have to be a chore”.

If you’ve ever read a single article on healthy living, you probably know that skipping breakfast is Read more

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