Today I will be bringing you another guest post by Audrey Zhao who I hope will be contributing a few posts over the next few months. Today she breaks down what makes Chinese food so appealing. We all love Chinese food right? So here you can find out what it is that makes it popular to people all over the world. For a recipe idea, why not make my Kung Po Chicken.

Chinese cuisine has become very popular because of its unique taste and people from all over the world love it. So what is it that makes it so appealing?

There are numerous reasons for this, some of which are as mentioned below:

  • Chinese food is healthy.

Traditional Chinese cuisine is made for the purpose of maintaining good health, longevity and healing. Historically, Chinese food was a means to treat diseases. Exotic ingredients were used for this purpose.

  • Non vegetarian ingredients are used in moderation.

Chinese food is often cooked with vegetables along with meat and poultry which are added to this. There is a limited use of milk products.

  • There is a lot of variety.

Due to various seasoning and cooking styles, Chinese food comes in various flavors and textures.

  • It is fast to make.

This is because it is easy to make

  • It is not very expensive
  • It is cooked with fresh ingredients
Chinese Spices

Chinese spices

Chinese Herbs are used in Chinese Cuisine. What are these Herbs and are they Safe?

Most of the herbs are derived from plants and are like spices found in the kitchen. Pregnant women taking medication must consult a doctor before using any of these herbs.

These are the herbs commonly used in Chinese cuisine:

  • Cassia or Rou Gui

Improves blood circulation, helps in digestion, increases cognitive skills and causes a reduction in blood sugar levels

  • Wolfberry, Goji Berry or Gou Qi Zi

Helps in iron deficiency, improves immune system, leads to reduction in blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, helps with vision, is good for kidneys and liver

  • Lotus Seed, Lotus Nut or Lian Zi

Reduces blood sugar levels, lowers hypertension, improves immune system, is good for heart, spleen and kidney

  • Milkvetch Root or Huang Xi

Improves white blood cell production, is good for spleen and lungs, improves immune system

  • Pilose Asiabell Root, Poor Man’s Ginseng or Dang Shen

Is good for digestion, blood and lungs

  • Chinese Yam, Nagaimo or Huai Shan

Is good for digestion, lowers blood sugar levels, improves immune system, helps with the gastrointestinal tract, in good for kidneys and spleen

  • Ginkgo Nut or Bai Guo

Boosts circulation, is good for kidneys and lungs, helps with cough

  • Asian Ginseng or Ren Shen

Is good for the heart, reduces blood sugar levels in diabetes, is good for stamina, increases cognitive skills, lowers stress, reduces cholesterol, is good for immune system

  • Red Dates, Jujube or Hong Zao

Antioxidants found in red dates prevent cancer, is good for immune system, lowers stress, fights against insomnia, improves metabolism, is good for the blood, helps the liver, stomach and spleen, is good for the blood

  • Star Anise or Bajiao

Helps fight influenza (it is used to manufacture Tamiflu, an antiviral drug), helps with digestion, fights rheumatism

  • Solomon’s Seal or Yu Zhu

Is good for stomach and lungs, fights diabetes

  • Foxnut or Qian Shi

Is good for spleen and kidneys

  • Black Sesame Seed or Hei Zhi Ma

Is good for vision, strengthens muscles and bones, is good for the gastrointestinal tract, is good for kidneys and liver, removes toxins, reduces cholesterol

  • Dried Lily Bulb or Bai He

Fights influenza, improves immune system, fights insomnia, is good for nervous system, heart and lungs

  • Ginger/ Ginger Root or Sheng Jiang

Treats morning sickness or motion sickness, helps with hiccups, fights influenza, reduces cholesterol, fights rheumatism, reduces fever, lowers anxiety, removes toxins, lowers nausea, helps with digestion and is good for stomach lining

Five spices powder is used in the Chinese cuisine. It consists of some very exotic spices:

  • Cinnamon

Anti-inflammatory agent, anti-microbial, anti-clotting, maintains proper blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels

  • Cloves

Native to Indonesia, used in Asian cooking, introduced to European markets by Arab traders in 4th century, today grown in Zanzibar. They were used in Middle Ages to mask the smell of other poorly preserved foods. Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial activity, anesthetic, improves circulation and disorders of the digestive tract, is good for breadth, repels insects, male aphrodisiac

  • Fennel Seeds

Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, increases lactation, helps with child birth and menstruation, improves backache, appetite, libido, baby colic, reduces flatulence, good source of potassium, folate and fiber

  • Star Anise

It is native to Southwest China. Has a strong flavor used in soups, tea and marinades in Southeast Asian countries. Improves respiration and fights respiratory tract disorders, used in Tamiflu. It also improves digestion, increases milk flow in nursing mothers, improves menstruation and also helps with child birth and libido

  • Sichuan Peppercorns

They possess a lemony flavor and help with digestion.

Chinese cuisine is very popular all over the world. Spices used in this cuisine have a lot of health benefits. They are very safe to use. Some of them are exotic and found only in Southeast Asian countries. You will not only enjoy the taste but will also stay healthy by eating Chinese food.



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